4. Agro-logistics



The application of logistics principels to flows of products/half-products/raw material in the agro sector.
Agro-logistics takes a special place among all application domains because of the incomplete predictability of input as well as output of production processes.


Logistic management/ control system

All decision rules an structures necessary for the proper control of physical flows in chains.
Several computer packages have been developed to apply the decision rules to special cases in logistics (OPT, MRP, DPR,etc.).



A responsive, consumer driven system, in which distributors and suppliers work together as business allies to maximise consumer satisfaction and minimise costs.
Accurate information and high quality products flow through a paperless system between manufacturing line and check-out counter with minimum degradation or interruption both within and between trading partners. ECR is split up in four general strategies:
efficient replenishment,
- efficient store assortments,
- efficient promotions,
- efficient product introductions.


Value Added Logistics

Logistic processes integrating processing steps, thus adding value to the product.
As a rule value added logistics (abbr. VAL) is interpreted as postponed assembly, 
but in general all variations of combining logistics and production are feasible. A
historical example is the whale-fishery, including processing activities while sailing.Terug naar boven!